Wedding catering Chaat counter by La Fiesta catering services

In wedding catering  now a days guests prefer to have small appetizer in the form of “Chaat” before they want to go for their main meal for the occasion

This “Chaat” may be of different types like “Puchka”, “Dahi Puchka”, “Dahi Vada” , “Alu tikki served with Chhola” , “Masala Dosa” etc etc depending on the need of the clients

Chaat counter at La Fiesta catering services
Alu tikki chola Chaat counter La Fiesta catering services
Puchka Chaat by La Fiesta catering
Puchka Chaat by La Fiesta Catering services
Dosa Chaat by La Fiesta Catering services
Dosa Chaat La Fiesta Catering services

Every client has a different need for their wedding, we prefer to customize their catering menu according to the need of the client for their wedding through our catering services



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