Top 10 Caterers in Kolkata

best caterers in kolkata

Kolkata is said to be the confluence of cultures. In a vibrant city like Kolkata, live colourful people with multiple preferences in dishes and flavours. Thus, Caterers in Kolkata prepare themselves in a way so that they can light up any and every event and ceremonies with plates full of taste and cups full of zest.

You usually have to check up on multiple arrangements for an event or party and especially for weddings. And food definitely is the rivet of a party which country twist or lift everything. So, for a successful function, the plates have to be filled up in a way your guests can relish. While you might go here and there looking for the Caterer you need in your special times, we are here reducing your stress by listing some of the Best Caterers in Kolkata you can fit in your expectations.

La Fiesta CateringAfter years of consistent service in providing best wedding catering in Kolkata, La Fiesta is currently one of the Best Caterers in Kolkata. La Fiesta, A premium Outdoor catering unit of Zaroma Personalised Services LLP., began its outdoor catering operation in the year 2012 by providing daily office lunch service to the regional office of Titan Company LTD. Slowly & gradually La Fiesta started providing outdoor catering service for both social and corporate events.
Team La Fiesta consists of highly trained & highly motivated hospitality professionals with an in-depth & hands-on working experience at 5-star hotels like Taj Bengal, The Park, etc. The Team has a sole objective to provide superior quality culinary services to the guests and emulate international 5-star hospitality standards.

Moreover, the team are synchronised perfectly in weaving the entire process for a wonderful time with mouth-watering dishes and a variety of tastes. Weddings, parties, birthday parties, get-togethers, corporate events – they are experienced in catering all sorts of functions in its own unique way. With La Fiesta, you can be totally assured of a great enjoyment.

best caterers in kolkata
  • 6, Ballygunge Place -> Besides its popularity of being a go-to restaurant in the city, it also serves as one of the Best Caterers in Kolkata. Those who have visited their place, know that they are awesome in food quality and taste. No doubt they can cherish your special occasions with their undeniably exalted food service.
  • Bijoli Grill – Bijoli Grill is one of the very few Caterers in Kolkata that has witnessed the journey of Catering Services in this city. It started as a small Bristo 50 years ago, behind Bijoli Cinema. And today, it has become a brand for Bengali Weddings. With an experience of decades, it has specialized in Bengali Food. Bijoli also Caters to Chinese Cuisines and Seafood lusciously. It has branches in Delhi, Mumbai, and Gurgaon as well.
  •  Chicky Madan Catering- Chicky Madan Catering too is one of the very popular Caterers in Kolkata. They bring forth exotic dishes in a very attractive way that may leave you licking your fingers. Plus, they use quality ingredients in preparing delicacies with a variety of flavors. They can truly be approachable for a mesmerizing dinner or lunch party.

Mainland China Group. it’s scrumptious dishes the Mainland China Group gained popularity in a very short span of time. On high demands of their mouth-watering Chinese Dishes, they cater to events and parties successfully, leaving the event thrower full of compliments for his choice of catering. Apart from Chinese, the Mainland Group and its large number of professional cooks have expertise over several other foreign cuisines. For a grand and exotic dinner party, they are one of the Best Caterers in Kolkata.

Oh! Calcutta. It delves into bringing forth the 300 years old traditional dishes of Bengal with some highly experienced Master Chefs. It developed as a restaurant where people can have a sumptuous bite of history and heritage. Today, it has modified its capabilities by blending flavors and runs Catering Services alongside. So, for a life King-size in Bengal and occasions King-like in Kolkata, Oh! Calcutta can serve better than many Caterers in Kolkata.

Sigree Global Grill. As suggested with the name, they specialise in grills and kebabs of a large variety. Sigree as a restaurant has been accommodating big friend groups, exhausted office colleagues, family friends for dinner parties, birthday celebrations and others. Sigree Catering Services include multi-cuisine menu covering Mediterranean, Mexican, European and Even North Indian items that leaves you at awe. So, to get an exotic experience for your event Sigree is a very good option.

Jungle Safari. This restaurant has its own speciality of cherishing the wild. If you have visited this place at Mani Square, you will know about the extraordinary jungle experience that seems no less than an adventure. They deliver a wild dining experience endeavouring spicing dishes as Paneer Tikka lababdar, Jalokia Chicken Tangdi, Kebab etc. If you wish to throw a wild party with your friends and family, Jungle Safari indeed is one of the Best Caterers in Kolkata.

Cafe Mezzuna. It is a unit of Speciality Restaurant completely focused on Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish and French flavours with two outlets in Kolkata. For Aesthetic, Lazy and Relaxing dining experience, they can be a good option.  The well qualified Kitchen team of Mezzuna provide with fresh herbs and seasonings, springing taste of wine and other delicacies. Cafe Mezzuna Caterers in Kolkata with one of the best elegant services has also catered to many corporate events.

Flame and Grill. It is basically a restaurant that has outlet in South City Mall. Like Sigree Grill it also specialises in grilled meat preparations. The Tandoor of Frame and Grill is famous among food lovers. Other veg and non-veg items are also available here with delectable tastes. All over, it can be an awesome solution for a succulent bite of pleasure.

  • Kohli Catering Services – Kohli Catering has been quite a famous name up lately. They cater to a function very elegantly, managing every hustle in a smooth and professional manner. Their services are truly cost-effective compared to most other Caterers in Kolkata.
  • Sweet & Sour Catering Services – Established in 1994, they are the Official Caterers of Calcutta Boating Club and Resorts. They have some extraordinary package deals in low-cost budgets covering a variety of delightful preparations from starters to dessert. Their services can be enjoyed anywhere in and around Kolkata. They are flexible to provide food at any sort of venue.
  • Asparagus Catering Unit – Renowned for its conceptual preparations, this food catering house is one of the Best Caterers in Kolkata currently. They have catered to several grand Celebrations within the city. As their team consists of experts from Hotel Management backgrounds, they are best at handling all types of invitees and cope with the expectations of any celebration perfectly.
  • Bhoj Caterer – It started as a small initiative with authentic Bengali cuisines. But now it has come a long way in winning the hearts of the people of Kolkata. Today it also stands as one of the Caterers in Kolkata delivering food services at several Bengali Celebrations. The essence of Bengal is found here. In addition to authentic Bengali food preparations, it has enhanced the menu with modern techniques and flavors presenting Bengali Delicacies in a royal way.
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