Key Facts to Determine the Best Catering Services in Kolkata

Catering Services in Kolkata

Weddings, birthday parties, engagement, corporate events, family get together or be it any other event, these are the occasions when you will require the services of a caterer. Food is one such aspect of any event which will be remembered by the guests for years to come. Therefore it becomes very important to search for the best caterers in Kolkata who can not only serve the type of menu you want but also provide exceptional services in your budget. Outlined below are a few key facts to determine the best catering services in Kolkata:

  1. Check the interest and responsiveness of the caterer: The interest and responsiveness of the caterer at the time of your initial conversation can indicate how your experience will be with the caterer or how they will perform till and during the time of your event. You can judge the interest of the caterer for your event by checking how quickly he responds to your query, how soon he meets you, etc. Besides this, the caterer should ask your questions regarding the purpose, requirement, theme, goal, budget, etc of your event.
  2. Is the caterer capable to handle your event:You should understand that not every caterer is capable of handling every time of events. Some caterers that specialize in small party functions like birthday parties, baby showers, family get-togethers whereas some caterers specialize in engagements, weddings, big social gatherings. On the other hand, some caterers manage small and large corporate events. So you have to shortlist the caterers that can handle the type of event you are planning. Ask your friends and relatives, search online, check their reviews, and if possible visit some of their events before taking a final decision.
  3. Ask the caterer for food tasting: It will be hard for you to know how would the menu items that you are considering for your event will taste without even tasting it. Don’t shy away, ask the caterer for a food tasting or ask him to call invite you for an event that has a more or less similar menu to your event. There are many best caterers in Kolkata so select at least three caterers and attend the food tasting or any of their events, this will give you the idea of the taste and services.
  4. Ask for a contract: All the top caterers in Kolkata will provide you with a complete list of all the food, beverages, services, and the rates they will be offering on the days of your event. One of the best things about the contract is that it protects you from the poor performance of the caterer on the day and the caterer can get protected for default in payment.

catering services in Kolkata

Besides this, you can ask the caterers whether they are flexible to change a couple of menu options within the provided budget, are they familiar with the venue they have finalized, licenses, insurance, references of previous clients, etc. These key facts will help you to determine the top Bengali caterer in Kolkata.

February 2023