Celebrate This Durga Puja with Best Catering Food of Kolkata

Celebrate This Durga Puja with Best Catering Food of Kolkata

Durga puja, the most awaited festival of Bengalis is knocking on the door. After Nahalaya the festive mood is on and people are busy with last-minute shopping. When a festival like Durga puja is hardly six days left and Maa Durga has already come to pandals then regular cooking is one of the most disgusting works that every woman awaits to be avoided. Yes, La Fiesta Catering Service has come with innovative catering food services during the puja days to flash out your worries.

The most important thing that should be noticed is the quality and quantity of food during the puja days. Maximum Catering services provide below-quality food in the puja rush but only the best catering services of Kolkata can give you the best quality food within your pocket pinch. So guys! Think less, visit us today and lock your kitchen for these festival days.

Now come to the main issue, Why will you choose La Fiesta?

In the crowd of Durga Puja, everyone is looking for hygiene and freshness. Pandal hopping, tummy refreshments, and good food are the essential part of this puja week. So healthy as well as tasty food can only offer you an eternal break from daily cooking. So have a look at our puja special thali and enjoy Durga puja 2022 with the best Caterer in Kolkata.

We are the foodie Bengalis that can’t be forgotten. Durga puja is incomplete without Bengali dishes. But they are now conscious about their health too. A renowned and trustworthy catering company will only suppress your long cherished desire. Now have a look at what we are offering during the puja days :

special catering foods of durga puga with la fiesta catering services

Sasthi Special

Sasthi is the beginning day of Durga puja, holiday mood starts from Sasthi, and more days are to come so on the first day keep your lunch menu lighter than usual. For Sasthi lunch, book your order now and enjoy puja hassle-free.

  • Breakfast

Lucchi, Cholar Dal with Coconut, Dum Aloo, Gulab Jamun

  • Lunch (Veg/ Non Veg)

Basmati Rice, Shukto, Moong Daal, Beguni, Shahi Paneer, Chicken Rezala / Ripe Banana Kopta, Curry, Chutney, Papad, Aam Doi, Kalakand

  • Dinner (Veg/Non-Veg)

Diamond cut fish fry, Salad, Kasundi, Schezwan Rice, Chicken Manchurian/ Veg Manchurian, Aam, Chutney, Papad, Rubri, Tutti frutti Ice cream


Saptami, the main puja, starts with full-day enjoyment. Even Bengali eventually forgets the date and day this time, only aware of amusement.

So the fooding should be something vibrant these days. Let’s check our Saptami menu indeed. 

  • Breakfast

Peas Kachori, Palak Paneer, Dal Makhani, Rasgulla

  • Lunch (Non-Veg / Veg )

Bhat, Vegetable Dal, Aloo Jhuri, Mochar Ghonto with prawn / Plain Mochar Ghonto, Alu phulkopir,  Dalna, Chicken chaap/ Mutton curry / Mixed Veg Curry, Chutney, Papad, Kheer Dahi, Chanar Cake, Malai Kulfi

  • Dinner (Non-Veg/ Veg)

Dimer Devil / Paneer Pakoda, Basanti Pulao, Chilli Chicken / mutton Dopiza / Channar Dalna, Mixed Fruit Chutney, Papad, Kesar Kanti Bhog, Baked Rasgulla


Yes, the day of Ashtami is full of Bengali vibes. Pale without traditional wear and food. So the platters must be in touch with Bangaliana. La Fiesta, the best catering company in Kolkata has the potential to serve the best traditional Bengali food. Look at our Ashtami special Bengali thali, it will make you fall in love with Bengali food.

  • Breakfast

Fulko Luchi, Begun Bhaja, Cholar Dal, Dum Aloo, sitabhog

  • Lunch (Veg Non-Veg)

Mixed Veg Khichdi, Labra, Beguni, Pui Shaak, Nolen Gurer Rasgulla, Payesh

  • Dinner (Veg/Non-Veg)

Paneer Kebabs, Vegetable Pulao, Mutton/ Paneer Shahi Boti, Chutney, Papad, Firni, Shahi Tukda, Ice cream


Before immersion, Nabami is the last day for fiesta and unlimited zeal. And if you are in Kolkata then you should not miss the opportunity to satisfy your tummy with mouth-watering food. La fiesta is one of the best catering companies in Kolkata. Must try our food to complete the celebration of this gala event.

  • Breakfast

Radhaballabhi, Chana Dal, Pavaratna kurma, Malpua

  • Lunch (Veg/Non-Veg)

Basmati Rice, Dal, French fries, Anchor with prawns / Plain Enchor, Bhetki Paturi / Paneer Paturi, Shorshe Ilish / Shorshe Begun, Fruits Chutney, Papad, Rasmalai, Mishti Dahi

  • Dinner (Veg / Non-Veg)

Chicken cutlet, Seafood fried rice / Veg Fried Rice, Mutton korma / Fulkopi Roast, Plastic Chutney, Papad, Gulabjamun, Ice cream

So don’t get upset thinking of daily cooking. Take a rest from this and enjoy the grand festival of Bengal with the best catering service near you. La Fiesta is the major part of Zaroma Personalised Service LLP  and has been serving people for the last 12 years. Captured million hearts and now the turn is yours. So place your order for puja days before it ends.

March 2023