wedding catering at Mehendi banquet

The Menu of wedding Catering services in kolkata is now changing drastically with the mind set, which earlier only consisted of few age old traditional dishes now ranges from lip smacking street chaats to some continental delicacies and sumptuous mughlai dishes, in this blog I would share with you some interesting items for a Bengali-Marwari wedding catering service which took place in a posh Banquet in the city, The best of the best items that were planned very well in advance for this big fat wedding catering service

On 3rd March 2017 La Fiesta conducted the wedding catering at the Ganpati’s Mehendi banquet for hi-tea and dinner, it was a Bengali-Marwari catering where there was an amalgamation of North Indian,South Indian, mughlai and oriental cuisines along with street food such as chaat and snacks

For the hi-tea the catering service started at 5 pm onwards and there were live counters for chaats like puchka or paanipuri, aloo tikki chhola, dahi vada, masala dosa with Samber and there was a live momo counter along with tea & coffee

La Fiesta catering, Momo, snacks Chaat counter, Puchka/panipuri, La Fiesta catering La Fiesta Catering, chaat La Fiesta Live Dosa counter

The reception service started at around 7 pm

There was a live Moctails counter where along with 6 types of Moctails there were soft drinks and juices being served to the guests, there array of snacks which were being passed around to the guests, We had served few of our signatures dishes like Murgh Tulsi tikka (Chicken kabab marinated with basil leaves), Chicken cheese kabab, Fish Gandhraj Tikka (chicken marinated with Kafir lime), Fish Ajwani Tikka, For the vegetarians options were Dahi Ka Kabab (Kabab made from hung curd), Soyabean Kabab, Corn and cheese croquette

Live Moctails Bar, La Fiesta CateringLa Fiesta snacks, Corn & Cheese croquette La Fiesta snacks, Chicken & Cheese kabab La Fiesta Snacks, Fish Ajwani Tikka La Fiesta Snacks, Murgh Tulsi Tikka La Fiesta Catering Snacks, Soyabean kabab

For the live oriental counter there was a live Mongolian counter from where noodles rice and glass noodles were being prepared live with exotic vegetables tossed in a sauce of guests choice (spicy, medium spicy & mildly spiced sauce)

La Fiesta Catering Live Counter Mongolian food Assorted exotic vegetables for live mongolian, La fiesta

The other items in main course of the catering begins with nice & crispy salads tossed in salad dressing and salad oils, next comes Naan both plain & Garlic, Dal Makhani, Stuffed aloo dum from the mughlai dishes there were Mutton biryani and chicken chaap and there was a live grilled fish counter, for vegetarians, items like Malai Kofta, Sabz miloni ( Mix veg in spinach gravy), Paneer lababdar, corn and methi pulao etc

Watch this YouTube video of this Wedding catering at Mehendi Banquet

La Fiesta

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Food bloggers (Panch phoron) meet at Sultan Restaurant

When it comes to Mughlai cuisine or North Indian cuisine Sultan is one of the best restaurant that has been catering customers for quite sometime in the city, The specialities that we can recommend you for your special dinner or lunch if you are planning anytime sooner are going to be described in our content here, Mughlai or Awadhi cuisine that needs special attention in terms of freshest ingredients and authentic cooking method, Sultan follows exactly the same to maintain the real taste of delicacies from the land of Sultan

We invited few famous food bloggers of kolkata for a food bloggers meet event and in the service we dish out few of our signature dishes to them

The famous food bloggers “Panch Phoron” came to Sultan, Restaurant and We set this menu for them, We offered them “Roohafja Lemonade” the most refreshing drink from our menu,  in the menu that we prepared for them, there were 2 of our signature kababs, “Murgh tulsi tikka” & ” Murgh Firangi Kabab”, along with that we served them “Ghosth Galwat Kebab” (Mutton galauti kabab) and in vegetarian option there was “Ajwani Paneer Tikka for them”

For the main course we served them both plain and “Galic Naan” along with mix vegetable north Indian preparation “Mix veg Takatin”, in chicken side dish there was “Murgh Badhami” the creamy succulent boneless chicken preparation along with almond flakes drizzled on it, next what we served them was our “Ghoshth Biryani” the subtle awadhi style mutton biryani ,The Best biryani you can vouch for in the city of  joy Kolkata, to complement the Biryani we served them “Murgh Chaap”, the most coveted dish of kolkata chicken chaap again to say the best Chicken or Mutton Chaap you can get in kolkata at Sultan

Last but not the list in sweet dish we had served them “Shahi Tukra” this can also be called “double ka Mithai” the famous mughlai dessert that is prepared with bread and condensed milk

We are looking forward to your visit at our restaurant Sultan

Expect only the best Awadhi / Mughlai of Kolkata at Sultan restaurant

To read more about the food from the Famous Food blogger Tanmay Basak please follow the link bellow

Awadhi aromas come alive at Sultan



Sultan Awadhi ? mughlai restaurant, rooh afja LemonadeSultan Awadhi Restaurant, Signature KebabSultan Murgh Tulsi TikkaSULTAN AWADHI / MUGHLAI RESTAURANT, SIGNATURE KABABSULTAN AWADHI RESTAURANT, GALAUTI KEBABSULTAN MUGHLAI RESTAURANT, THE BEST KEBAB IN KOLKATASultan restaurant, best north indian restauranSultan restaurant, Mughlai,Murgh Badamisultan restaurant, Shahi tukraSULTAN RESTAURANT, BEST CHICKEN CHAAP, BEST MUGHLAI RESTAURANTSULTAN RESTAURANT, GARLIC NAAN, BEST MUGHLAI FOOD KOLKATAFood Bloggers "Panch Phoron" at Sultan Restaurant

Sultan Awadhi restaurant


The Richness of Awadhi / Mughlai cuisine lies not only in the variety of cuisine but also in the richness of spices like cardamom and Saffron to name few. The Bawarchis (Chefs) and Rakabdars (gourmet cooks) of Awadh gave birth to dum pukht which is the art of cooking over a slow fire.

Sultan is an Awadhi/ Mughlai cuisine specialty restaurant, having been in Food & Beverage industry for more than a decade our gourmet Chefs bring to you handpicked delicacies from the land of Sultan (Awadh).

The items like Murg tulsi kebab, Tangri Mumtaz, Firangi Kebab, Mahi sultani, Murgh Badami, rahra ghoshth to name a few of our signature dishes, For those who have sweet tooth there are Shahi Tukra, Firni, gulam jamun to tickle your taste bud

Our Biryanis are a class apart, you can indulge yourself in Murgh or Ghoshth (Mutton) Biryanis served with raita as accompaniment and you can order Murgh or Ghosth (Mutton) Chaap as side dish or order for garlic or Keema naan along with Murgh lababdar or ghoshth (Mutton) pudina pasinda as side dish

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sultan-restaurant-mutton-biryani, La Fiesta Catering

Ghoshth Biryani, Sultan Restaurant

sultan-Mughlai-restaurant-murgh-malai-tikka, La Fiesta catering

Murgh Malai Tikka , Sultan Restaurant

sultan-restaurant-murgh-shahi-korma, La Fiesta catering

Murgh Shahi Korma, Sultan Restaurant

sultan-restaurant-murgh-tikka-lababdar, La Fiesta catering

Murgh tikka Lababdar, Sultan restaurant

sultan-restaurant-mutton-chanp, La Fiesta Catering

Ghoshth Chaap, Sultan restaurant

sultan-restaurant-rarah-ghosth, La Fiesta Catering

Rarah Ghosth, sultan restaurant

sultan-restaurant-sabz-takatin, La Fiesta catering

Sabz Takatin, Sultan restaurant

sultan-restaurant-tandoori-choosa, La Fiesta catering

Tandoori Chooza, Sultan Restaurant

sultan-restaurant-tangri-mumtaz, La Fiesta catering

Tangri Mumtaz, Sultan restaurant


Best catering service in the city for wedding and Corporate event

La Fiesta is your very own catering service in the city, We are best in business for our expertise in WEDDING CATERING, CORPORATE EVENT CATERING, COCKTAIL DINNER PARTY, BIRTHDAY PARTY CATERING,  we take care of all your event with utmost care, Our highly professional Chef can cook the food you can ever desire of, Let it be any cuisine we maintain the authenticity in preparation of the dish to give party in the mouth

We set our own style of services which is way different than that of conventional catering, each party has to be different from others in terms of food presentation and style of service, Other than international interactive counters like homemade  pasta, oriental counter we have also introduced Burmese Khow suey into our catering and we would like to introduce live Italian antipasti counter in our catering  for our foodie clients

What ever the occasion it might be we can handle it with more professionalism than any where else. In our catering service we believe in 5 most important things :

  • Maintaining optimum food Quality
  • Excellent food presentation
  • Warm welcome to our guests
  • Anticipatory Service to our guests
  • Creating  fond memories in our clients mind

So give us a call for discussing your event with us and we will design the occasion with grace and uniqueness.


Special Wedding Catering packages

With wedding season round the corner in Kolkata, La Fiesta catering services is offering special wedding packages for you, these special catering packages includes some free services like


1) Free Breakfast for 10 % of the entire number of people catered on the wedding day (menu By La Fiesta)

2) Free Lunch service for 10 % of the entire number of people catered on the wedding day (menu by La Fiesta)

3) Welcome girls with “thali” for welcoming all attending guests for the wedding

4) Attractive return gifts for attending guests of the wedding with Bride’s & Grooms name on it

5) Free drivers packets (menu by La Fiesta)

For availing this offer the booking should be made at least 2 months in advance & this package is only applicable with confirmed booking of 500 heads and above for any wedding/ Marriage catering


* Terms & conditions are applicable


Preparation of “Pathuri Machh” ( Fish in Banana Leaf) a Bengali delicacy




Bengalies are very fond of Fishes and particular about the quality of the Fish, Bengalis are also very unique in  their Fish preparations, if it is for any Bengali catering in any occasion like wedding/ Marriage/ Annaprasan (Baby’s first Rice-eating ceremony)/ “Shaad” (Bengali ritual for feeding of a pregnent woman)/ “Matso Mukh” (last ritual performed for demised) their first priority should be the quality of the fishes and the preparations of them, Many traditional Bengali families prefer Fish & Prawn to Mutton and Chicken  in their Wedding/Marriage Catering Menu for treating their guests

Among all other great Bengali Fish preparations “Pathuri Machh” (Fish in Banana Leaf) is very popular, there are varieties of fishes used for this preparation and most commonly used Fishes are “Illish” (a Fish from herring family), “Chingri” (Shrimp) and Vetki (Baramundi)

Below is the picture of “Vetki Pathuri” cooked La Fiesta style

Vetki pathuri for Bengali Wedding Catering

Ingredients used for preparation “Vetki Pathuri” at La Fiesta:

1) Good quality of Vetki Fish fillet Cut into cube – 1 Kg

2) White mustard seeds – 2 table spoon

3) Black mustard seeds – 1 table spoon

4) Poppy seeds – 1 table spoon

5) Freshly Grated coconut – 1/4 cup

6) Whole cumin seeds – 2 table spoon

7) Green Chili paste – 1 table spoon

8) Turmeric powder – 1 table spoon

9) Sugar – 1 tea spoon

10) Mustard oil – 500 ml

11) Salt to taste

12) secret seasonings

13) Banana Leaf for wrapping

14) Wooden toothpicks

Vetki Pathuri marinade for wedding catering

For marination:

Grind white mustard, black mustard, poppy seeds, freshly grated coconut, cumin seeds into a smooth paste. In a medium size container mix the vetki fish with the paste, add green chili paste, add turmeric powder, add sugar,add salt, secret seasoning added, add 100 ml of mustard oil and mix well, keep the marinade aside


Cut the banana leaves into square shape big enough to wrap the fish completely, now wilt all the cut banana leaves on open fire to make it more pliable, arrange the leaves on a surface and put marinaded fish in the leaves as shown in the picture

fish pathuri for catering

wrap the fish and fix it with wooden toothpicks

Now on a large skillet heat the remaining mustard oil and fry the the fish wrapped in banana leaf turning it until the leaves turn black

fish pathuri

There is another popular method of cooking the fish pathuri and that is steaming method, The taste of the item vary in the way the “Fish Pathuri” is prepared, Steam rice is the best accompaniment with the dish

vetki pathuri for catering in Kolkata


Mutton Rogan josh a Kashmiri delicacy

Rogan josh is an aromatic lamb dish of Persian origin, the item Rogan josh was brought to Kashmir by the Mughals and Mughlai cuisine was in turn influenced by Persian cuisine, the interpretation of the word “Rogan josh” evolved from the word “rogan” meaning “red color” and “josh” means heat or passion, the characteristic red color in the dish comes from the liberal amount of uses of  Kashmiri chilies and Ratan jot (dried root ), uses of saffron in the dish is also part of a tradition (in La Fiesta, caterer in Kolkata, we use kashmiri chilies and heat the rattan jot separately in ghee to obtain the red color and put it in the dish)


La Fiesta


Ingredients: (quantity of the ingredients to be used according to your own measurement)

  • Mutton
  • Oil
  • Ghee
  • Asafetida (hing)
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Ratanjot
  • Black peppercorns
  • Black cardamoms
  • Bay leaf
  • Kashmiri red chili powder
  • Fennel seed (saunf) powder
  • Dry ginger powder (soonth)
  • Coriander powder
  • Salt
  • Yogurt



Heat oil on a kadai and put all the khara masala (whole garam masalas) and hing or asafetida, put the mutton and cook it on medium heat till the mutton turns brown, scrape all the sediments sticking to kadai, now add all the powdered spices (kashmiri chili,fennel ,dry ginger,coriander) and add  salt, add some hot water to it and keep stirring the dish, whisk the yogurt and add it to the dish and keep stirring , now in a ladle (dabbu) heat ghee and put the ratanjot , ratanjot will start releasing its crimson red color, put the ghee and ratanjot  in the dish and keep stirring , cover the dish and let it shimmer on a slow fire till the muttons are tender.


Origin of Biryani & The varieties

The word biryani is derived from Persian language, the word “Birinj” in Persian means rice and “Biryan” means roast. In medieval Indian army due to lack of cooking skills and unavailability of food items, there used to be one pot dish cooked with rice and whatever meat they used to have with them, Over the time this dish became biryani due various cooking methods and ingredients used in it



biryani preparation-La Fiesta


La Fiesta

Varieties of biryani by ingredients

  • Tehari: Tehari is the vegetarian version of biryani, originally it used to be prepared for Hindu book keepers working for The Muslim Nawabs by adding potatoes instead of meats , in Kashmir Tehari is sold as street food
  • Mutton biryani: Cooked with goat meat
  • Chicken biryani: Cooked with chicken
  • Beef biryani: Cooked with beef
  • Egg biryani: Egg used in the biryani instead of meat
  • Shrimp biryani: varieties of shrimps used in The biryani
  • Fish biryani: Fish used in the biryani, Famous Ilish biryani in Bengal is an example of such variety
  • Daal biryani: Addition of Daal in the biryani enhancing the nutritional value & fragrance of the dish
  • Soya biryani: Uses of Soya chunks in The biryani, Popular among vegetarians
  • awdhibiryani-catererinkolkata

    La Fiesta

    Varieties of Biryani by regions

    • Hyderabadi biryani: There are various types of Hyderabadi biryani. One such type is the kachchi gosht ki Biryani or the Dum Biryani, where the raw mutton is marinated and cooked along with the rice on a slow fire or dum for afragrant and aromatic flavor, there are uses of lots of mint leaves, coriander leaves & Green chilies in The Biryani, Kalyani biryani is a typical Hyderabadi biryani also known as the ‘poor man’s Hyderabadi biryani, the Kalyani biryani is always made from small cubes of buffalo meat. Though all the expensive ingredients are used and level of richness is not same as famous Hyderabadi biryani, but at the same time this type of biryani is very tasty
    • Lucknowi biryani: TheLucknowi or Awadhi dum biryani is a pakki biryani. In the method of cooking the rice and meat are partially cooked separately; then layered and cooked in the dum pukht way
    • Calcutta biryani or Kolkata biryani: Kolkatabiryani similar to the Lucknowi style of biryani, in the year 1856, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah brought his personal chef with him to Kolkata and along with them the methods of cooking biryani, They used potatoes in biryani which went on to become a specialty of the kolkata biryani. The Calcutta biryani is much lighter on spices. It primarily uses nutmeg, cinnamon, mace along with cloves and cardamom in the yoghurt based marinade for the meat, here rice and meats are cooked separately then layered to cook in dum pukht style.combination of spices used in Kolkata biryani, gives the dish a distinct flavor as compared to other varieties of biryani. In some restaurant they serve eggs in the biryani
    • Shirazstylebiryani-catererinkolkata-Lafiesta

      La Fiesta

      • Bombay biryani: Bombay biryani originated inMumbai, The ingredients that are used in this style of biryani are similar to Hyderabadi style of biryani, Here they use onions, ginger and garlic paste, yogurt, all spices powder, chili powder, white cumin powder, coriander leaves , mint leaves, potatoes, green chilies, Kesar, and kewra
      • Memoni biryani: Memoni biryani is an extremely spicy variety developed by theMemons of Gujarat-Sindh  It is made with lamb, yogurt, fried onions, and potatoes, and tomatoes. The method of Memoni biryani also uses less food coloring compared to other varieties of biryani, It gives the dish the rich colors of the various meats, rice, and vegetables
      • kachhibiryani-catererinkolkata-lafiesta

        La Fiesta

      • Thalassery biryani: Made in Malabar area of Kerala, The ingredients used in the method are chicken, spices and the specialty is this biryani is the rice named Khyma. Khyma rice is mixed with ghee. Lots of spices such as mace, cashew nuts, sultana raisins, fennel-cumin seeds, tomato, onion, ginger, garlic, shallot, cloves and cinnamon are used, in the preparation only small amount of chili (or chili powder) is used.
      • Ambur/Vaniyambadi biryani: This type of biryani is cooked in neighboring towns ofAmbur & Vaniyambadi in the Vellore district in the north-eastern part of Tamil Nadu, The Ambur/Vaniyambadi biryani is accompanied with ‘dhalcha’, a sour brinjal curry and ‘pachadi’ or raita
      • Bhatkali biryani: Bhatkali biryani originates from theNawayath Muslim community of Bhatkal, in coastal Karnataka. Similar to that of Bombay biryani, Onions are used in larger proportions compared to other varieties
      • Dindigul biryani: The Dindigul town of Tamil Nadu is noted for its biryani, which uses a little curd and lemon juice to get a tangy taste; it doesn’t use coconut or tomato found in other varieties of South India
      • Palakkad Rawther biryani: The Palakkad Rawther biryani is a spicy dum biryani prepared mainly by the Rawther Muslim community in the Palakkad district of Kerala State and some parts of Tamil Nadu. The variants include: lamb and mutton; chicken; beef and egg. This is accompanied by Kaichar, a type of gravy, thair chutney (curd salad) and a dessert prepared from winter melon
      • Awdhibiryani-catererinkolkata-lafiesta

        La Fiesta

Conference Lunch catering for “Life Positive Foundation”

Corporate Catering by La Fiesta at CII, Suresh Neotia Center for Leadership, Saltlake

Recently there was two day long workshop by “Life Positive Foundation” held at CII, Suresh Neotia Center for Leadership, Salt lake Kolkata, La Fiesta did the Corporate Lunch Catering for almost 150 guests every day for two consecutive days, The gathering was from different regions of India and abroad so we served a mix of Continental, traditional Bengali & North Indian Food for the guests, The menus were much appreciated by the guests attending the eventCaterer-food caterer-La Fiesta- catering service IMG_1269 (more…)

Catering for Big Fat Indian Wedding

Wedding is an once in a life time affair and Catering for a big fat Indian wedding means presenting a combination of different cuisines into an single event catering, for selection of the Menu there are certain factors that we need to keep into consideration such as local taste bud, local adaptability for exotic cuisines, majority of age group attending the wedding, careful combination of regional cuisine with that of exotic one, so on and so forth. In La Fiesta we combine different cuisines with an unique concept interactive live cooking counters, A hearty Snacks counter like “Dahivada” “Papri chaat” to start with, a subway sandwich or Domino’s pizzas in the High tea we serve all in our wedding catering, Please follow the link for a wedding Catering Video by La Fiesta